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September 7, 2018
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September 7, 2018


Bel-Ray® GEO LA is a premium low-ash, detergent, and dispersant engine oil. It is specially formulated for peak performance and ultimate protection in high-output 4-stroke cycle natural gas engines operating under heavy loads and extreme conditions. Bel-Ray GEO LA, available in SAE grades 40 and 15W-40, meets and exceeds performance requirements as defined by the API classification CF and major engine manufacturer standards.

  • Excellent wear protection for critical engine components
  • Maximum resistance to sludge and varnish deposit formation
  • Protects against valve stem deposits and valve recession
  • Maintains optimum engine cleanliness
  • Compatible with vehicle emission and catalyst systems
  • Reduced maintenance and extended engine life

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SAE 40

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SAE 15W-40

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