ATF-MV Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF
September 7, 2018
BRX™ Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
September 7, 2018

BRX-HM™ High Mileage Motor Oil

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Bel-Ray® BRX-HM High Mileage Motor Oil is specially formulated from a proprietary combination of premium synthetic-blend base stocks and advanced additive technology to deliver superior protection to mature vehicles with 75,000 miles or more on the odometer. Bel-Ray BRX-HM High Mileage Motor Oil features a state-of-the-art additive system that contains active cleaning agents that maintains performance in older engines.

  • Superior wear protection for older engines
  • Protects against oil burn-off and consumption between services
  • Minimizes vehicle exhaust smoke
  • Maximum resistance to high-temperature thermal breakdown
  • Maximizes mature vehicle performance
  • Improved LSPI protection
  • Improved wear performance
  • Increased fuel economy

Sizes & Viscosities

SAE 5W-20

Available SizesProduct Numbers
Plus Bulk302225150000
Bag In Box301372150033

SAE 5W-30

Available SizesProduct Numbers
Plus Bulk302226150000
Bag In Box 301812150033

SAE 10W-30

Available SizesProduct Numbers
Plus Bulk302227150000
Bag In Box301371150033