September 7, 2018
Synthetic GL-5 Gear Oil
September 7, 2018

CD 50 Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Bel-Ray® CD 50 Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a full synthetic, SAE 50 transmission lubricant for use in heavy duty manual transmissions. It is designed for extended drain and severe service in heavy-duty manual transmissions.

Bel-Ray® CD 50 Synthetic Transmission Fluid contains additives to inhibit oxidation caused by high temperatures, and inhibitors to help prevent rusting and corrosion. The addition of an anti-wear agent reduces component wear, promoting longer transmission and lubricant service life. This additive system also fortifies this product to enable it to protect bearings and synchronizers.

Bel-Ray® CD 50 Synthetic Transmission Fluid is formulated from synthetic base stocks having low pour points. The low pour points permit it to flow readily even at sub-zero temperatures and provides easy low temperature shifting. These excellent low temperature properties allow the potential for fuel savings by reducing the drag normally encountered when using a petroleum based lubricant. Less gear wear is another benefit from the use of Bel-Ray® CD 50 Synthetic Transmission Fluid, because vital transmission parts are lubricated quickly and properly when the lubricant is cold. The synthetic base stocks used are highly stable when exposed to severe heat, oxidation and shear conditions. These characteristics result in exceptional lubrication at high temperature and permit extended drain intervals.

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