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September 7, 2018
BRX™ Elite Full Synthetic Motor Oil
September 7, 2018

Hi-Tac Bar and Chain Oil

Bel-Ray® Hi-Tac Bar and Chain Oils, in both Summer and Winter grades, are designed to prevent rusting and reduce wear and linkage breakage thus extending bar and chain life. Penetration into rivet holes and the bar channel is assured. Designed especially for lubrication of bar and chain saws and open or enclosed chains on motorcycles, snowmobiles, and lawn and garden equipment. Additional benefits include high load carrying capacity minimizing wear of bar and chain, reduced throw off and heat build-up, and rust and corrosion protection.

  • Lubricates the bar and chain for smooth cutting performance.
  • Reduces heat and friction
  • Formulated for use in major brands of equipment
  • Extends life of chain and bar
  • Inhibits rust
  • Contains tackiness agents to prolong performance

Sizes & Viscosities

Available SizesProduct Numbers
Gallon 302431150190