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Take care of your production line as well as your bottom line.

Using Bel-Ray to lubricate your machinery gives your entire business a boost. We help reduce costs and increase production across a wide range of industries.

Bel-Ray releases the full potential of your machinery. Each moving part works more efficiently, which reduces your energy consumption and gives your equipment a longer life-expectancy. You cut down on maintenance and replacement parts costs because there’s less wear and tear. Choose Bel-Ray products and you’re choosing to make your machinery more effective.

Bel-Ray is manufactured in the USA, combining the latest technology with the finest raw materials.



Popular products

Bel-Ray® remains true to its Mission Statement of providing innovative technology resulting in superior performance and value in Bel-Ray No- Tox® HD Food Grade Gear Oil. This can be seen in this gear oil “multi-test” comparison chart. With the highest true load in ASTM D3233B Falex Pin & Vee Block Test, the highest Weld Load and Load Wear Index in ASTM D2783 4-Ball EP Test, Bel-Ray No-Tox HD Food Grade Gear Oil is the exception in the lubrication of machinery gear cases in food processing, pharmaceutical and beverage industries where incidental food contact may occur.

Bel-Ray No-Tox® Food Grade Extreme Pressure Grease is a superior general purpose grease containing PTFE and food grade EP additives. The extreme pressure performance of No-Tox Food Grade Extreme Pressure Grease is exceptional at 500 Kg Weld Load and 51 Kg Load Wear Index on the ASTM D2596 4-Ball EP Test and 20 Kg (45 pounds) on the ASTM D2509 Timken Test. This chart demonstrates that No-Tox Food Grade Extreme Pressure Grease, Bel-Ray’s premier general purpose grease, surpasses the competition with respect to both Extreme Pressure and anti-wear capabilities.