Flex Your Engine
In an industry like mining where you can’t afford to take any risks, Bel-Ray is right for the job.

For over 75 years, Bel-Ray has been the hardest working lubricant in the mining industry.

Through our Total Lubricant Partnership (TLP) we help you choose the best solutions for your machinery, always matching the right products to the right application. This custom-fit approach helps release the full potential of your mining operations.

Maintenance costs are reduced and breakdowns are kept to a minimum. Everything flows more smoothly so productivity increases and you maximize the value of your equipment.

We also find ways to reduce your lubricant consumption and lessen your impact on the environment. Manufactured in the USA, Bel-Ray has a global support network to meet your specific needs.



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Proper lubrication can save time, maximize profits and extend equipment life


Understand the benefits of a custom-fit lubricant and unleash the savings