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September 18, 2018
Raylene Ashless Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil
September 19, 2018

No-Tox® BioFR Hydraulic 46

No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 is an HFD-U type fire resistant hydraulic fluid. It utilizes synthetic polyol ester type fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed for severe operating conditions in hydraulic applications where petroleum and other synthetic hydraulic fluids create a potentially unsafe environment and where a fire hazard exists. No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 maintains its fire resistant characteristics, providing extended safe service economically. No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 is Factory Mutual certified, NSF H1 registered and readily biodegradable. It is Kosher and Pareve approved, as well as Halal certified.

Sizes & Viscosities

ISO 46

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