Molylube® High Temperature Grease
August 23, 2018
Semi-Fluid Grease
August 23, 2018

Molylube® 5% Moly Extreme Pressure Grease LC

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A high-performance, lithium complex grease fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide as recommended by many equipment manufacturers. Excellent Extreme Pressure capabilities as well as outstanding mechanical and thermal stability. Unsurpassed rust and corrosion protection and resistance to water. Exceeds all of the multipurpose grease requirements of walking draglines, electric rope shovels and hydraulic excavators and meets the requirements of the Caterpillar (Bucyrus International) SD4711 and Joy Global P&H 472 standards for multipurpose greases. Useful temperature range -18ºC to 177ºC (0ºF to 350ºF).

Sizes & Viscosities


Available SizesItem Number
Fluid Bag301612150526


Available SizesItem Number
Fluid Bag301083150526