5 Reasons you should be using Bel-Ray V-Twin Lubricants 

Superior Protection for Your Air-Cooled V-Twin, from Bel-Ray
June 18, 2020

1. Fully formulated Products: Bel Ray V-Twin products are specifically engineered to meet the demands of Harley Davidson powertrains. High quality base stocks and unique additive chemistry keep users riding more and wrenching less.
2. Engine Protection: High lubricant film strength provides exceptional protection to pistons, crank, and heavily loaded valvetrains increasing engine efficiency and performance. The SAE 10W-50 viscosity provides better start-up protection as the oil circulates to vital engine components faster at ambient temperatures compared to an SAE 20W-50.

3. Lower Engine Temperatures: High film strength reduces friction to lower operating temperatures. Quality base stocks absorb and dissipate heat more effectively to keep you running even cooler. 

4. Transmission Performance: Extreme pressure additives in Big Twin gear oils quiet noisy gears and withstand the shock loads of high torque twins. Proprietary friction modifiers smooth gear engagement and transfer more power to the ground. 
5. Trusted Performance: Bel Ray lubricants have been a staple for riders in all forms of powersport for more than half a century.