Superior Protection for Your Air-Cooled V-Twin, from Bel-Ray

Mineral or Synthetic: What Goes into Your V-Twin Engine Oil?
June 18, 2020
5 Reasons you should be using Bel-Ray V-Twin Lubricants 
June 18, 2020

Your Harley Davidson engine runs hot and most models are relying only on air and the oil to keep your engine running as cool as possible.  Formulating an engine oil to properly lubricate your V-Twin motor and keep it cool is no easy task.  Bel-Ray was up for the challenge.  

An engine oil always starts with the base stock selection; thatÔÇÖs mineral oil, synthetic and/or combination of the two.  For engine oils, the base stock is 75-85% of the total formula.  Base stocks are categorized into five groups, Group I, Group II, Group III, Group IV and Group V.  Group I, II & III are mineral base stocks that have gone through specific refining processes, with each higher group number representing a more highly refined and higher quality base oil.  Group IV is a synthetic base stock called Polyalphaolefin, commonly abbreviated as PAO.  Group V includes all other substances used as base stocks for lubricants that are not Group I, II, III, or IV.  This includes esters, which are used in some automotive and power sports lubricants.  When formulated with proper additives, synthetic base oils offer many advantages over mineral base oils.  

The remaining 15-25% of the formula are additives, a crucial part of the formula. The goal of high performance V-twin engine oils is to provide the most well-balanced oil for wear protection, engine cleanliness and keeping your motor running as cool as possible.  

Your V-Twin motor will benefit from a properly formulated V-Twin engine oil like the products formulated by Bel-Ray.  Bel-Ray V-Twin Synthetic SAE 10w-50 uses a blend of Group IV and Group V synthetic base stocks and is complimented with our proprietary additive package.  Our anti-wear additives provide superior protection against metal-to-metal contact and wear.  This formulation also has excellent deposit control and sludge reduction for a cleaner engine.  To decrease engine operating temperatures, V-Twin Synthetic SAE 10W-50 provides reduced friction and outstanding high-temperature protection to keep your motor running as cool as possible.  

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