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Molylube Ultra Open Gear Lubricant

Molylube Ultra Open Gear Lubricant

Molylube Ultra Open Gear Lubricant is an open gear lubrication package formulated for dragline, shovel and and process open gears. It is a full-service open gear lubrication package in a single product, from priming through operational lubrication. Molylube Ultra Open Gear Lubricant provides exceptional film formation capabilities ensuring that components are fully lubricated in teh hydrodynamic or full fluid film mode.

Product # Grade SDS
78010 Light Downloads
78015 Medium Light Downloads
78020 Medium Downloads
78030 Heavy Downloads
Features and Benefits: 

High base oil viscosity to provide a thicker lubricating film for maximum component seperation and protection. Extreme Pressure and anti-wear properties to maximize component useful life helping to reduce replacement parts cost and lost production time. Provides excellent protection for new and used surfaces. Slowly smooths rough surfaces improving contact profileand reducing contact pressure.