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August 29, 2018
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August 29, 2018

Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC 2: Success in Underground Coal Mine Lubricant Bin


Location and the Mining Process
An underground coal mine located in Colorado. The mine uses the Longwall Method of mining.

Below: Bel-Ray lube bin on mine truck.  

Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC 2
This grease has been successfully used for the lubrication-extensive belt lines in excess of 12 miles, all feeder lines, drop points, pillow block bearings, bushings, feeder breaker bearings and bushings at this mining operation for the last five years. Overall, the grease outperformed a number of competitors’ products, thereby becoming a permanent inventory item at the mine site as a performance product.

While the grease performed very well as a lubricant, there were other problems that concerned the mine site maintenance team: They asked Bel-Ray for a solution that would solve the problem of keeping dust and moisture from contaminating bearings and bushings during lube transfer (a lube cleanliness factor) and at the same time be able to transfer a sufficient requirement of 2,000 pounds in one go from surface to mine face area (a supply logistics factor).

The Perfect Solution
Bel-Ray successfully built, tested and loaded a lubricant bin with Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC 2 and delivered it to the mine.

Customer Satisfaction

Mine site maintenance management were very satisfied and Bel-Ray was congratulated for the bin design. The bin traveled exceptionally well down into the mine and along to all the lube points. Grease output from bin was exceptional. The 2000 pounds of grease significantly reduced lubrication time (no longer a need to carry out frequent pump transfers as was previously done with kegs). Lubricant contamination was reduced by approximately 90 to 100 percent. Mine site maintenance made a decision to continue using Bel-Ray because of the performance of the product, delivery systems to the machines and the outstanding service provided.