EXS Synthetic Ester 4T Engine Oil
March 1, 2018
MC-4T Mineral Engine Oil
August 15, 2018

Shop Oil

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Shop Oil is an excellent value, premium multi-grade petroleum motor oil for service departments, shop fill and new and rebuilt engine run-in. Formulated for 4-stroke motorcycles and other 4-stroke performance engines. It is designed for topping off, service fills, as well as new and rebuilt engine run-in. It has all the superior lubrication performance of Bel-Ray’s additive chemistry and high Viscosity Index, low-volatility, petroleum base oils to provide premium 4-stroke engine protection.

  • Provides excellent performance, engine protection and reliable all-season use
  • Equally suitable for air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines
  • Superior deposit control reduces sludge and varnish for cleaner, cooler running engines
  • Minimizes deposit formation and reduces oil consumption

Sizes & Viscosities

SAE 10W-40

Available SizesItem Number
208 L Drum301290150007
6 Gallon Bag in Box301290150033

SAE 20W-50

Available SizesItem Number
208 L Drum301291150007
6 Gallon Bag in Box  301291150033