September 7, 2018
Molylube® Mill Gear Grease
September 18, 2018

Molylube® 87M Extreme Pressure Grease 150-0

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Molylube 87M EP Grease is an aluminum complex multi-purpose grease. It contains Molylube Solids, a Bel-Ray proprietary blend of molybdenum disulfide and select graphite to reduce operating temperature and wear. Molylube 87M EP Grease is designed to extend the service life of machine components in the severe duty applications encountered in mining, quarrying, construction, cement and other heavy industries. Molylube 87M EP Grease is especially effective when used to lubricate the suspension components of heavy-duty equipment such as excavators, dozers, loaders and haul trucks.

Sizes & Viscosities


Available SizesItem Number
Lined Drum301187150004