BRX™ Elite Eurosyn Motor Oil
September 7, 2018
September 7, 2018

HD Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Bel-Ray® HD Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a premium automatic transmission fluid formulated with select synthetic base stocks and next-generation additive technology. Bel-Ray® HD Synthetic Transmission Fluid is specifically designed and recommended for use in heavy-duty automatic transmissions in trucks and buses requiring Allison TES-295 fluid for extended warranty service. It is also recommended for use in transmissions requiring Allison C-4 and Allison TES-389 specifications and exceeds extended drain requirements of Voith and ZF transmissions. Bel-Ray® HD Synthetic Transmission Fluid also exceeds performance requirements of demanding automotive applications such as taxi cabs, police cars, delivery trucks, recreational vehicles and tow-trucks and provides added protection, extended service intervals and extends the service life of critical transmission components.

  • Extended drain protection
  • Excellent frictional properties for smooth shifting
  • Excellent anti-shudder performance
  • Superior anti-wear protection for critical transmission components
  • Protection against transmission varnish and sludge formation
  • Superior thermal stability and oxidation resistance
  • Outstanding low-temperature performance

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