Bel-Ray Sustainability Mission Statement

Bel-Ray has a longstanding commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards. We foster a culture that embraces honesty, integrity, and responsibility in everything we do.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality lubricants possible and we do so by consistently focusing on meeting customer needs and protecting the environment.

Part of our commitment is to continuously limit our overall impact on the environment. We are reducing our carbon footprint through innovative product development, efficient manufacturing, and resource conservation. Limiting waste, energy consumption, and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace are also among our priorities. As a manufacturer in a carbon-intensive industry, we recognize our environmental impact and we work to reduce it every day.

For example, through our innovative product development initiatives we:

  • Reduce raw material needs by sourcing recycled materials for packaging
  • Create and enhance our biodegradable product offerings
  • Limit the number of application specific products by producing lubricants for a wide range of applications
  • Develop extended life performance based lubricants for prolonged wear, and limited lubricant consumption, waste, and disposal.

Additionally, we work with our customers to augment their own sustainability initiatives. We develop and offer products which help customers to become more energy efficient, reduce consumption, and cut down on waste.

From R&D to manufacturing to marketing, we go beyond traditional carbon footprint reduction. Our goals tie our business growth initiatives directly to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for the many global markets we serve - powersports, industrial, and mining - to name a few. At Bel-Ray we understand our sustainability initiatives, and efforts to reduce environmental impact are paramount pillars of corporate responsibility. We also believe they are simply good business.

If you would like to see Bel-Ray’s full line of products and services that can help your business reduce its environmental impact, please contact us here

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