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August 29, 2018
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August 29, 2018

Mining open gear applications are extreme in the aspect of load, environment and contamination. Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant is used in mines around the world providing excellent lubrication and extending the life of gear sets on draglines and shovels used in all types of mining and quarrying operations.

Due to the varying environmental conditions in which mining machines operate, Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 is offered in eight different grades ranging from Sub-Arctic to Extra Heavy. To provide the correct viscosity that can be pumped in extremely cold environments, the Sub-Arctic is formulated with solvent and has a useful temperature range of -45 to +10°C (-45 to +50°F). Once the product is pumped and sprayed on the gears the solvent evaporates and leaves the Bel-Ray Molylube SF-100. It has exceptional 4-Ball EP performance. After the solvent evaporates, the 4-Ball Weld Load is >800 kg or 1760 lbs. Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 plates-out on the gear teeth and eliminates metalto-metal contact, greatly extending the life of the gear sets.

Where the environment is much warmer the three solvent-free grades Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy are used. These non-solvent grades are formulated with heavy semi-synthetic base oils with viscosities of 1860 cSt, 3675 cSt and 5175 cSt respectivly at 40°C. The heavy base oils combined with the Molylube solids provide exceptional film strength, which completely separates the gear teeth, eliminating wear and reducing operating temperatures.

When open gears are operated in moderately colder environments, Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant Low Temp can be used. This product does not contain solvent and has a useful temperature range of > -18°C (0°F).

Best practice in applying open gear lubricant is to apply a small amount often, giving the open gear lubricant time to adhere to the gears and plate-out. Applying too much after longer time spans has a washing effect on the open gear teeth and actually washes the protective film away.

Here is a picture of a poorly lubricated open gear set. Even though the competitor’s open gear lubricant was applied heavily, the gear surface is not plated and has exposed metal indicating extreme wear taking place.

This is the same machine after switching to Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant and reducing the amount applied by 25 to 40%. You can see the SF 100 plating out on the gear surfaces protecting them from contact with the mating gears. The amount applied will be monitored until the optimum amount of Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 is applied to produce a plated gear surface that will withstand the pressures of the gear interface.

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