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February 20, 2019
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February 20, 2019

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For more than 60 years Bel-Ray’s high performance marine products have been sold to everyone from the United States Navy to the largest manufacturers of outboard engines. Now, Bel-Ray has launched a comprehensive line of Marine products for consumer use. Even better, we have taken our formulas and given them an upgrade, making them more powerful, ready to serve next generation marine technology. Made in the USA by people who love to be on the water, just like you. Bel-Ray wants you to Flex Your Engine. Bel-Ray wants you to Flex Your Engine.

The Bel-Ray Marine Line is engineered for superior performance, with products serving every application including 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke, and diesel outboards, inboards, stern, and jet drive systems. The line also includes gear oils and service lubricants for all of your marine lubrication needs.The Marine Line includes some technical standouts!

Bel-Ray Marine Racing 2-Stroke Engine Oil is formulated for watercraft engines that demand maximum performance under the widest range of conditions. This racing formula is optimum for severe load temperatures ranging anywhere from -40° F all the way to 400° F and carries a TC-W3 certification from the National Marine Manufactures’ Association (NMMA) as well as exceeds the standards for API TC/JASO FD/ISO L-EGD performance specifications, making it the best choice for Sea-Doo/BRP Rotax engines. Bel-Ray Marine Racing 2-Stroke Engine oil will maximize the life of your engine, protecting your investment.As part of their commitment to the environment, Bel-Ray has also introduced the first engine oil to carry the new Ecolabel. Bel-Ray Biodegradable 2-Stroke Engine Oil is a rapidly biodegrading oil manufactured from renewable raw materials that has low aquatic and soil toxicity, provides maximum wear protection, and is TC-W3 certified by the NMMA. Bel-Ray provides environmental protection without compromising performance or your wallet.In addition to engine oils, Bel-Ray’s Marine Line also includes gear oils for lower units and stern drive systems. In order to efficiently transfer power from the engine, Bel-Ray has developed a synthetic gear oil that provides superior oxidation and low temperature properties.

Bel-Ray Marine Synthetic Gear Oil contains extreme pressure additives that protect the gears and bearings from shock loading and wear as well as micro pitting and fatigue. The unmatched compound can operate with up to 25% water contamination and meets the API GL-5 performance rating.Bel-Ray’s complete Marine Line allows you to always be prepared, and as all water sportsmen know, being prepared is key to staying afloat. Don’t be left in the wake, choose Bel-Ray and Flex Your Engine.