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Technical Reports

Bel-Ray’s Lubricant Advisor: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Toolbox - Which lubricant is best for a 2010 Kawasaki jet ski? How often should oil be changed in a 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle? What is the lube cap for a 1996 Yamaha ATV? These answers and much more are available to Bel-Ray customers.. Read More
Winter Storage Recommendations - It’s that time of the year again, snow will be falling soon and in certain parts of the country motorcycle enthusiasts will be tucking their 2-wheeled babies away for the winter. Bel-Ray is going to give you some helpful Do-It-Yourself information and tips on winter storage and maintenance... Read More
Bel-Ray Engine Oil & Bel-Ray Gear Oil - Differences Explained - While we all know the benefits of a good engine oil, the advantages of a gear oil are often overlooked because people don’t know the different requirements of lubricating an engine compared to a gearbox. Gear oil is specifically formulated to protect gearboxes and clutches... Read More
2-Stroke Lubrication - It has been said that in order to make great coffee, you need to start with great water. A similar analogy can be made for 2-stroke lubricating oils. The base oil used in 2-stroke oil is often the most important performance enhancer and protector for a 2-stroke engine. The additives are important, but if you start with an.. Read More
Foam Filter Oil - The internals of a well operating machine consist of a myriad of metal parts moving past each other under the tightest tolerances. Foreign particles are an absolute nightmare to these parts. If the inside of an engine were to get contaminated, the debris would cause catastrophic damage when trapped in these tight.. Read More
Lubrication Myth Chaps My Hide! - I recently received a Sir Tech inquiry from a Harley-Davidson owner who was considering using a Bel-Ray Full Synthetic Ester 10W-50 engine oil. The customer was told by a mechanic that synthetics are too slick to allow bearings to roll, that they just turn on one spot and slide within the race... Read More

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