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Tenter Chain Lubricant

Tenter Chain Lubricant

Tenter Chain Lubricant, commonly known as Bel-Ray Tenterlube RL-3, is a specially formulated lubricant for textile tenter frames and related applications. The outstanding lubricity of Tenter Chain Lubricant will often substantially reduce the frictional forces on chains, resulting in a marked reduction in amperage draw of the driving motor. Using an ammeter that will activate the automatic lubricator is an excellent method of conserving lubricant and assuring properly protected chains. The Extreme Pressure characteristics and thermal stability properties of Tenter Chain Lubricant provide excellent protection across a broad range of temperatures. Tenter Chain Lubricant is an excellent penetrant and will effectively lubricate sprockets, links and pins and bushing of the chain. Tenter Chain Lubricant is a low residue chain lubricant and will remove most residues left by conventional chain lubricants.

Product # Grade SDS
65740 ISO VG 150/220 Downloads