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Raylene Final Drive and Axle Oil

Raylene Final Drive and Axle Oil is a high performance lubricant designed to optimize the performance of drive trains of off-highway vehicles. It is formulated for final drives and differentials where lubrication of heavily loaded gears and bearings is the main consideration. It is not recommended for use in gear drives where friction materials are used. The use of Raylene Final Drive and Axle Oil, in combination with Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil in the engine and Molylube 5% Moly Extreme Pressure AC or Molylube 5% Moly Extreme Pressure Grease LC in the centralized lubrication system, provides a total lubrication package of unsurpassed wear control, extended drain intervals and reduced consumption for a significant improvement in cost effectiveness. 

Product # Grade SDS
79650 60 Downloads
  • Final drives and differentials of equipment where Caterpillar FD-1 fluid is recommended
  • Final drives and differentials where Caterpillar TO-4 type oils are recommended or currently in use
Features and Benefits: 
  • Superior Extreme Pressure to protect gears and bearings that are subject to extreme loads.
  • Thermal stability will not break down in high temperature service
  • Corrosion resistance protects against rust and corrrosion even during humid idle conditions
  • Shear stable formula maintains viscosity and maximum protection even under high shear conditions