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Raylene EP Mill Gear Oil

Raylene EP Mill Gear Oil provides the highest Extreme Pressure and anti-wear capabilities to maximize mill and kiln girth gear and pinion protection. Raylene EP Mill Gear Oil is also compounded with friction modfiers to control micropitting, recognized as the root cause of many gear failures. Raylene EP Mill Gear Oil contains no heavy metals or hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, lead, zinc or antimony, making it safer to use and easier to dispose of after each use. The additive system utilized in Raylene EP Mill Gear Oil uses Clean Gear technology keeping gears and bearings free of damaging deposits.

Product # Grade SDS
71690 3600 Downloads
71691 7200 Downloads
71693 5000 Downloads
  • Select ISO Viscosity Grades for open gear pressure fed lubrication (Ref: ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02)
  • Select ISO Viscosity Grades for open gear idler or immersion lubrication (Ref: ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02)
Features and Benefits: 
  • Extreme Pressure and anti-wear properties provide maximum protection of machine components extending their service life and maximizng uptime and production
  • Micropitting protection eliminates low cycle microscopic pitting that eventually lead to premature gear and bearing failure. Extends component life and maximizes uptime and production
  • Clean Gear Technology reduces deposit formation. Gears and bearings operate without damaging deposits extending service life and maximizing uptime and production