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Raylene® Way Oil 68

Raylene® Way Oil 68

Raylene Way Oil 68, commonly known as Raylene EP Lube 68, is a circulating oil developed for use on lathes and heavily loaded machine tool slideways. Raylene Way Oil 68 is specially formulated to prevent stick-slip problems and to ensure good surface finish on the machined part, and provides the highest Extreme Pressure and anti-wear capabilities to maximize machine component protection. Raylene Way Oil 68 contains no hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, lead, zinc or antimony, making it safer to handle and easier to dispose of after use. Raylene Way Oil 68’s anti-rust, anti-wear, adhesive and Extreme Pressure additives ensure the full protection of slideways in equipment. 

Product # Grade SDS
71590 ISO VG 68 Downloads
71600 ISO VG 100 Downloads
71640 ISO VG 460 Downloads