Transmission Oil TO-4

Transmission Oil TO-4 is a high performance lubricant designed to optimize the performance of transmissions, drive trains and hydraulic systems of off-highway vehicles. SAE 10 and 30 are formulated for the hydraulic system and transmission. SAE 50 and 60 are formulated for differentials and final drives where lubrication of very heavily loaded gears and bearings is the main consideration. In compartments without frictional materials, such as wet brakes and clutches, Transmission Oil TO-4 SAE 50 and 60 are very effective lubricants. The use of Transmission Oil TO-4, in combination with Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil in the engine and Molylube 5% Moly Extreme Pressure Grease AC or Molylube 5% Moly Extreme Pressure Grease LC in the centralized lubrication system, provides a total lubrication package of unsurpassed wear control, extended drain intervals, and reduced consumption for a significant improvement in cost effectiveness.

Product # Grade
66010 SAE Grade 10
66020 SAE Grade 30
66040 SAE Grade 50
66050 SAE Grade 60