Molylube Multipurpose Extreme Pressure Grease with Moly

Molylube Multipurpose Extreme Pressure Grease With Moly, commonly known as Molylube AC 1000 Grease, is an anti-friction bearing grease fortified with molylube solids for effective heavy-duty service. It provides outstanding mechanical and thermal stability to withstand shock and heavy loading found in severe environments of mining, construction and process industries. In addition, it offers exceptional water washout resistance, rust and corrosion protection, and exhibits good cohesive and adhesive characteristics. Grades 00, 0, 1, 460-2 are Caterpillar certified for the Caterpillar SD4711 specification for multipurpose grease. Useful temperature range -26°C to 177°C (-15°F to 350°F).

Product # Grade
40880 NLGI 0
40881 NLGI 00
40890 NLGI 0
40900 NLGI 1
40920 NLGI 2
40922 NLGI 2-460