Molylube Walking Cam Compound with Moly

"Molylube Walking Cam Compound with Moly, commonly known as Molylube Cam Compound P90FD and Molylube Cam Compound P90FD/1, is specifically designed to meet the extremely demanding lubrication requirements of the Bucyrus rolling cam walking mechanism. The product exceeds the performance requirements of both Scope A and B of the Bucyrus SD4710 specification for a Monighan Walking Cam Lubricant (MWCL). A unique blend of moly and Extreme Pressure additives provide protection against the most rugged mining conditions. The total elimination of heavy metals makes Molylube Walking Cam Compound with Moly a true low environmental impact product. "

Product # Grade
68090 NLGI 1
68091 NLGI 1