Molylube Mill Gear Grease

Molylube Mill Gear Grease, commonly known as Molylube SF 100 Mill FGC 1500, is a high performance, mineral oil based, aluminum complex open gear grease formulated to provide superior lubrication of Type 2 open gear systems. Type 2 open gear systems are defined as those drive systems used to transmit a continuous load (load, speed and direction are generally fixed). Molylube Mill Gear Grease is an NLGI 00 grease compounded with molybdenum disulfide, or moly, and high purity synthetic graphite lubricating solids, Extreme Pressure and anti-wear additives, and rust and corrosion inhibitors. Molylube Mill Gear Grease is designed to excel in applications like grinding mills where drainage of the spent lubricant is a primary consideration.

Product # Grade
76986 Light
76991 Medium
76992 Heavy