100 Gear Oil Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

100 Gear Oil Extreme Pressure Gear Oil, commonly known as Bel-Ray 100 Gear Oil, is an excellent extra heavy-duty, enclosed gear oil formulated for all types of gearing. It provides extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, excellent demulsibility, and exceeds manufacturers’ specifications. 100 Gear Oil Extreme Pressure Gear Oil has a 45-year history of component life extension. It boasts 100 pound Timken OK Load, 12 loading stages of the FZG Test, and 4500 pounds on the Falex EP Test.  Grades ISO VG 460, ISO VG 1000, ISO VG 1500 are certified for Caterpillar SD4721 Part A Specification for dragline enclosed gear case lubricant. Grades ISO VG 150, ISO VG 220 are Bosch Rexroth approved.

Product # Grade
21420 ISO VG 150
21440 ISO VG 220
21470 ISO VG 320
21480 ISO VG 460
21500 ISO VG 680
21520 ISO VG 1000
21530 ISO VG 1500
21600 ISO VG 100