No-Tox Food Grade Seamer Oil

No-Tox Food Grade Seamer Oil, commonly known as No-Tox Seamer Oil E, is a high performance lubricant with exceptional anti-wear and emulsibility and is NSF H1 registered for use where incidental food contact may occur. Its anti-wear and oxidation protection properties increase equipment life and decrease downtime. No-Tox Food Grade Seamer Oil is designed to lubricate and clean components that are exposed to moisture in the form of water, fruit and vegetable juices and soft drinks. No-Tox Food Grade Seamer Oil is recommended for can seaming equipment and similar applications found in “clean” beverage and food processing plants. No-Tox Food Grade Seamer Oil can be applied through Manzel lubricators and other automatic lubricating systems.

Product # Grade
64226 ISO VG 100
64227 ISO VG 150
64228 ISO VG 220