No-Tox Food Grade Coolant Concentrate

No-Tox Food Grade Coolant Concentrate, commonly known as No-Tox Coolant Concentrate, is the safe alternative to toxic and environmentally dangerous coolants. No-Tox Food Grade Coolant Concentrate is NSF HT1 registered and is safe for use in the “clean” industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products. It contains a unique nitrite-free corrosion inhibitor that prevents rust and corrosion and buffers acids that may appear from oxidation. No-Tox Food Grade Coolant Concentrate’s heat transfer properties provide an excellent medium to efficiently cool equipment while maintaining a stable viscosity profile. No-Tox Food Grade Coolant Concentrate provides exceptional anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties to protect surfaces and machinery.

Product # Grade
62560 See Product Data Sheet