Synthetic PAO Lubricant

Synthetic PAO Lubricant series are high performance synthetic lubricants that provide outstanding anti-wear and varnish control properties for rotary screw, heavy-duty service reciprocating compressors and other extreme service applications. Synthetic PAO Lubricant is formulated with synthetic PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO), Alkylated Naphthalene (AN) and performance-enhanced additives. Assisted by a properly administered used oil analysis program, the well-balanced formulation can extend oil change intervals up to 10,000 operating hours in oil injected rotary screw compressors. The anti-wear and anti-rust properties of Synthetic PAO Lubricant extend equipment service life while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency and performance.

Product # Grade
63530 ISO VG 32
63550 ISO VG 46
63560 ISO VG 68
63570 ISO VG 100