Molylube Synthetic PAG Chain Lubricant

Molylube Synthetic PAG Chain Lubricant, commonly known as Molylube 108-5C Clean, is a synthetic chain lubricant utilizing a PAG synthetic fluid with molybdenum disulfide, or moly, and graphite lubricating solids. Molylube Synthetic PAG Chain Lubricant is fortified with Extreme Pressure and anti-wear additives, and oxidation inhibitors. Molylube Synthetic PAG Chain Lubricant is specifically formulated for heavy-duty, high temperature chain applications, up to 232ºC (450ºF). When applied to a chain, Molylube Synthetic PAG Chain Lubricant’s synthetic fluid containing finely divided solid lubricants coats the chain and penetrates to lubricate and protect the sprockets, links, and the pins and bushings. The product’s solid lubricants provide positive lubrication if the chain becomes dry at elevated temperatures and effectively lubricates up to 427ºC (800ºF). Molylube Synthetic PAG Chain Lubricant features a remarkably stable base fluid and a unique blend of Extreme Pressure and anti-wear additives to protect against shock load conditions. The PAG base fluid provides excellent lubrication without forming deposits or adversely reacting with rubber components.

Product # Grade
22460 ISO VG 68 - Clean