High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound

High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound, commonly know as Bel-Ray Anti-Seize 2000, is an outstanding anti-seize and lubricating compound for threaded and static parts. It prevents galling, rust, fretting, galvanic pitting, seizure and corrosion of threads and preserves their integrity during long and severe service and promotes easy disassembly. High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound is an exceptional anti-seize compound for temperatures up to 1093ºC (2000ºF). Its high temperature anti-seize capabilities are derived from its unique blend of graphite and copper lubricating solids. Although it outperforms the competition at elevated temperatures, High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound performs exceptionally well at ambient temperature, as well.

Product # Grade
44500 NLGI 1