Biodegradable Drill Lubricant

Biodegradable Drill Lubricant, commonly known as Bio-Bel Drill Lubricant, is a biodegradable, emulsifiable drilling fluid that utilizes a readily renewable bio-base. Biodegradable Drill Lubricant is specifically formulated for use as a downhole flushing fluid and lubricant for drilling operations using tricone bits. Mixtures of 100 to 150 parts of water to 1 part of Biodegradable Drill Lubricant are not uncommon in drilling operations. Biodegradable Drill Lubricant is typically pumped downhole through the tricone bit. Its constant flow keeps the bore hole and tricone bit free of drilling debris, reducing bit wear and breakage. Specifically formulated for drilling operations using tricone bits.

Product # Grade
58350 ISO VG 32