No-Tox® Food Grade Silicone Grease

No-Tox Food Grade Silicone Grease, commonly known as No-Tox 1023 Silicone Grease, is a superior silicone grease containing PTFE and is NSF H1 registered for use where incidental food contact may occur. No-Tox Food Grade Silicone Grease is compatible with most seal materials and is an excellent general purpose seal lubricant that can be used over a wide temperature range, -48C to 204C (-55F to 400F). No-Tox Food Grade Silicone Grease resists deterioration in a number of adverse chemical environments found in the “clean” industries including ammonia gases, mildly acidic or alkaline vapors and high moisture.

Product # Grade
41800 NLGI 2