Raylene Extreme Pressure Oil

Raylene Extreme Pressure Oil, commonly known as Raylene EP Lube, is a significant advancement over existing high performance gear oil technology. Raylene Extreme Pressure Oil provides the highest Extreme Pressure and anti-wear capabilities to maximize machine component protection, and is compounded with friction modifiers to control micropitting, the root cause of a majority of gear failures. Raylene Extreme Pressure Oil contains no hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, lead, zinc or antimony making it safer to handle and easier to dispose of after use. Additionally, it has excellent oxidation stability, anti-foam characteristics, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Product # Grade
71600 ISO VG 100
71610 ISO VG 150
71620 ISO VG 220
71630 ISO VG 320
71640 ISO VG 460
71650 ISO VG 680
71660 ISO VG 1000
71670 ISO VG 1500