Anti-Wear Lubricant

Anti-Wear Lubricant, commonly known as Bel-Ray Anti-Wear Lube, is a high quality, general purpose lubricant for a broad range of applications including hydraulic and circulating systems, turbines, pumps, bearings, light to moderate duty enclosed gears and general machinery lubrication. Anti-Wear Lubricant is formulated for long service life while virtually eliminating wear and completely protecting the equipment from rust, oxidation and corrosion.

Product # Grade
56000 ISO VG 15
56010 ISO VG 22
56020 ISO VG 32
56030 ISO VG 46
56040 ISO VG 68
56050 ISO VG 100
56060 ISO VG 150
56070 ISO VG 220
56080 ISO VG 320
56090 ISO VG 460