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XCC German Cross Country Championship – Round 4

August, 2008

August 2008–Bel-Ray sponsored TM rider Christian Weib (pictured far right) took an impressive first place in the fourth round of the German Cross Country Championship (GCC), one of the biggest and most challenging motorcycle races in Europe on the weekend of July 12th/13th in Goldbach, Germany.

The German Cross Country Championship is part the European XCC Series, which is by far the biggest motorcycle race in Europe. The European XCC Series is a made up of the National Cross Country Series and one final “Best of Europe” race. The National Cross Country Series is made up of four championship competitions: German Cross Country Championship (GCC), Austrian Cross Country Championship (ACC), Italian Cross Country Championship (ICC) and the Czech Cross Country Championship (CCC). Currently, the GCC is the biggest off-road sport series in Germany with five classes and nearly 700 riders.

TM uses Bel-Ray lubricants exclusively and Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil was the perfect choice for the riders to use in their high tech TM bikes on the challenging course. With such intense terrain being covered, the unique engines could present a lubrication challenge because of the high heat, added stress and necessary power. Bel-Ray Thumper Oil provided high film strength and superior lubricity which helped the TM engines to produce even more power, and Bel-Ray’s proprietary Extreme Pressure and anti-wear additives ensured that the exotic Italian machinery ran strong throughout each race.

Cross country racing is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, yet every year nearly 1,500 riders sign up for the European XCC Series. The two-hour long XCC races lead riders through tracks ranging from 3 to 5 miles in length with a wide variety of terrain, including hills, dense trees, mud, dirt, rocks and motocross sections. The European XCC Series tests the survival, speed and endurance of the riders.

XCC Pro Lites: Bel-Ray sponsored TM rider Christian Weib crossed the finish line first in Goldbach – with KTM rider Andreas Beier close behind. Christian and Andreas gave everything they had through the entire race, each furiously fighting for the top position. Both riders achieved almost identical times and showed impressive consistency in their riding abilities, however, Christian gained a faster start off the line. Christian had a 25 second lead ahead of Andreas at the halfway point and assured his first place victory about one minute before Andreas reached the finish line.

XCC Semi-Pro: After the fourth round, the TM Racing Team leads the semi-professional class in the German Cross Country Championship. Currently, TM’s second rider holds the 3rd place position and the team’s third rider holds the 10th place position.

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