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Tech Notes, Volume 1, Issue 7

November, 2010


Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant

Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant, the latest Bel-Ray development in open gear lubricants for mill and kiln applications, utilizes high viscosity, synthetic gear oil technology to provide full fluid film or hydrodynamic lubrication of low speed, high load mill and kiln girth gears and pinions.

Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant is very adhesive. It will easily form and maintain a full fluid film for maximum gear protection.. The lubricating film remains fully mobile ensuring complete tooth coverage and flow of the used or spent product to a waste collection container. Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant does not accumulate in the gear shroud or cover and it does not form hard deposits in the gear tooth roots. Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant will actively soften and clean these unwanted deposits left by the previous lubricant.

Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant is completely transparent. Solids such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, fillers and thickening agents are not used in the product which allows machine operators to perform complete gear inspections without pre-cleaning.

Open gear lubricants are only effective if they can be correctly and adequately applied. Bel-Ray ClearGear, available in four viscosity grades, can be applied over a wide temperature range. Grades LV, MV and HV can be spray applied while Grades HV and XHV46 are suitable for immersion lubrication.

The four types of open gear compounds, commonly used today are:

  1. Bituminous
  2. Semi-Fluid Greases
  3. Modified Bituminous
  4. Synthetic Hydrocarbon-Ester

Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant is a 100% synthetic hydrocarbon and ester type of open gear lubricant. The product is fortified with a slow reacting Extreme Pressure chemical system. Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant has a 90+ pound Timken OK Load. It also provides a high degree of micropitting resistance for extended gear life and reduced cost of ownership.

These products were designed for spur & helical equipped grinding mill & kiln gears.

When applied by automatic spray system, Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant can reduce consumption by up to 50% and gear tooth operating temperature by up to 12%.

Bel-Ray ClearGear Lubricant is a cost effective replacement for ALL mill and kiln girth gear and pinion lubricants in the mineral and metal processing and cement manufacturing.

Log onto and review the product data sheets under the Mining section.           

Before Bel-Ray ClearGear

The picture on the left shows deposit build-up accumulated while using a competitor’s open grear lubricant.





After Bel-Ray ClearGear

The picture on the right shows the same gear 48 hours after Bel-Ray ClearGear has been applied! ClearGear cleaned the gear while operating, leaving a transparent layer of supe­rior protection for easier inspection and longer gear life.









Selecting the Best Lubricant for Worm Gears

One of the most common problems we find in customers’ plants is the wrong product in use for an application. A plant lubricant survey is essential to identify all the equipment in use and the right lubricant for the application. When Bel-Ray enters a plant, we avoid making crossover recommendations. Instead, it is important to determine the specifications critical to each type of equipment operating in a plant.

Worm gearing is particularly unique in its design and in its requirements of the lubricants, which is one reason Bel-Ray decided to formulate a product specifically for worm gears. Worm gear sets consist of a screw or worm that meshes with a large gear usually called a wheel. The worm acts as a screw, several revolutions of which pull the wheel through a single revolution. In this way, worm gears can provide a wide range of speed ratios, up to as high as 60:1 in a single reduction.

In most worm gears, the wheel has teeth similar to those of a helical gear, but the tops are curved inward to create an envelope for the worm. As a result, the worm slides rather than rolls as it drives the wheel. Because of this high level of rubbing between the worm and the wheel teeth, the efficiency of worm gearing is lower than that of other types. This is a critical factor in design of a superior worm gear lubricant and why regular gear lubricants are not as effective in these particular gears.

Worm gear friction is further reduced through the use of metals with inherently low coefficient of friction. For example, the wheel is typically made of bronze and the worm of highly finished, hardened steel. These low-friction combinations of materials can be used in worm gears because pressures are more uniformly distributed over the tooth surface than most other gear types.

One major advantage of the worm gear is low wear, due mostly to the full-fluid lubricant film that tends to be formed between tooth surfaces by the worm sliding action. A continuous film that separates the tooth surfaces and prevents direct metal-to-metal contact is typically provided by relatively heavy oil which is often compounded with fatty or fixed oils. The addition of such materials enhances the lubricant’s ability to adhere to the surface and also imparts an increased lubricity or slipperiness. This adds film strength to the lubricant and further reduces friction. Lower sliding friction results in less energy loss, less component wear and less heat generation.

Worm drives in general are inefficient because the gears experience sliding rather than rolling contact, leading to operating temperature much higher than other gear types. Worm gear temperatures typically rise 50°C (90°F) over ambient.

As temperature increases, viscosity decreases. So at the higher temperatures found in worm gears, higher viscosity oils need to be used to maintain the correct viscosity at the higher operating temperature. Therefore, at high operating temperatures that approach 88°C (190°F) and higher in worm gears, oils with an ISO Viscosity Grade (VG) of 460 (AGMA 7) and higher are needed. Our experience and studies indicate that for worm gear lubricant a compounded ISO VG 460 is the proper viscosity. Maintaining the proper viscosity is the key to maintaining film strength and reducing wear.

Bel-Ray Worm Gear Lubricants available are:

  • Bel-Ray High Performance Worm Gear Oil (Item #11000) ISO 460/680
  • Bel-Ray No-Tox Worm Gear Lubricant (Item #63160 ISO 320, #63170 ISO 460, #63180 ISO 680, #63190 ISO 1000) H-1 Food Grade
  • Bel-Ray No-Tox Synthetic Worm Gear Lubricant (Item #65450 ISO 460, #65468 ISO 680, #65480 ISO 1000 ) H-1 Food Grade.


Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

This unique formula lives up to its name by keeping your chain ’Super Clean’ by forming an outer coating that repels dirt, sand, water and grit.

The real innovation is that Bel-Ray’s formula actually provides long lasting lubrication and anti-wear protection for your chain and sprockets, bringing chain lubes to a new level of performance. That’s a claim that competitor chain lubes will find hard to beat. You can actually see a thin hard layer of anti-wear material adhere between the sprocket teeth. You’ll hear the difference too by a quieter chain that has shock load cushioning lubrication between the rollers and links, hence reducing chain rattle noise, a sure sign of a dry un-lubricated and overheated chain.

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube has tremendous film strength and anti-wear properties to protect your roller or ‘O’ ring chain from the most extreme elements found off-road or on the street. It absolutely will not fling off when used as directed. All of this adds up to a chain lube that goes on clean, will not fling off, repels dirt, sand, water an grit and actually lubricates and protects your chain and sprockets for long life and noticeably less chain stretch.


For best results apply on a warm chain. This helps evaporate the solvent quickly and allows lubricant to creep into the chain between the links and rollers. Shake can well at least one minute, spray a moderate amount of Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube on the sprocket contact side of the chain rollers. Then rotate wheel to assist penetration and wait 10 to 15 minutes to allow non-tacky coating to set up.

  • Repels dirt, sand, water and grit.
  • Long lasting lubrication and anti-wear protection for your chain and sprockets.
  • Tremendous film strength and anti-wear properties to protect your roller and ‘O’ ring chain.
  • Absolutely will not fling off.

Log on to for more information. You will find in depth discussion of chains and chain lubrication under Technical, Powersports.