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Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray Specially Formulated for Powersports Equipment

December, 2012

           FARMINGDALE, N.J. (December 5, 2012) ― Powersports enthusiasts can now attain a protective, shine-enhancing coating on various equipment surfaces with the new Bel-Ray Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray.

            Safe to use on numerous surfaces ― plastic, fiberglass, chrome, metal, glass and rubber ― this spray, specially formulated for powersports, provides a water-resistant, protective film that enhances color and hides flaws, restoring that desired factory-finish look and sheen to machines. In addition, the durable coating will resist dirt and dust, making it easier and faster to keep equipment clean. Regular powersports cleaners can be used for easy wipe down, since the spray's unique finish thwarts dust and dirt from sticking to machines.

            Distinct from other silicone sprays, Bel-Ray Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray can be used on rubber surfaces and will protect them from drying out, making it a must-have product for mechanics preparing bikes for storage.

            "Bel-Ray has long been recognized as a leader in the manufacture of premium quality, high-performance powersports lubricants," said Jennifer Liquori, Chief Operating Officer at Bel-Ray. "Now we can help powersports enthusiasts take care of their machines, both outside and inside, to get a shiny machine that performs better."

            For more information on Silicone Detailer and Protectant Spray or other Bel-Ray products for powersports, visit or call (732) 938-2421.