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Reduce Wear, Extend Machinery Life with Molylube Open Gear Lubricants and Mill Gear Grease

December, 2012

Bel-Ray Adds New Heavier Grade Lubricants for Expanded Temperature Usability; Expands Mill Gear Grease Line for Type 2 Open Gear Systems

            New Ultra Heavy and Extra Heavy grade offerings round out the Molylube SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant line, meeting open gear and multiservice lubricant requirements in temperatures as low as 50 below zero C (-50oC), 58 below zero F (-58oF). In addition, the Molylube Mill Gear Grease range has been expanded to include Medium and Heavy grades for use on Type 2 open gear systems.

Molylube SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant - Ultra Heavy and Extra Heavy

            The versatile, environmentally-friendly Molylube SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricants are excellent for use on draglines, shovels and heavy industrial applications.
            Suitable for use in temperatures from the Arctic to the Sahara, these new products supplement the existing grades ― Sub-Arctic, Arctic, Low Temperature NS, Light, Medium and Heavy ― that can extend component life by reducing wear. The corresponding decrease in lubricant consumption can lead to lower operational costs and increased machine availability.

            Formulated using a semi-synthetic base and aluminum complex thickener, Molylube SF 100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricants feature excellent extreme-pressure and anti-wear capabilities, rust resistance and corrosion protection, even under the harsh conditions associated with mining and heavy industry.
            In field evaluations, this line has proven to have a cost-of-ownership that is up to 35 percent lower than the competition, when purchase price, lubricant consumption and component life extension are considered. Also, all eight grades are Caterpillar-certified for meeting Caterpillar’s high specification standards.

Molylube Mill Gear Grease - Medium and Heavy Grades

            Designed for use on mills, kilns, driers and other Type 2 open gear systems, the new Medium and Heavy grades of Molylube Mill Gear Grease maximize equipment life, reduce component costs and increase machine availability.      Along with the original Light Grade, these products are high performance, mineral oil based, aluminum complex greases formulated to provide superior lubrication of Type 2 open gear systems. They are fortified with extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives, along with rust and corrosion inhibitors. All three grades are designed to excel in applications where the drainage of the spent lubricant is a primary consideration.