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Rapp Marine Group Recommends Bel-Ray

October, 2010

 Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – the leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company is pleased to announce the recommendation of Bel-Ray NSF H1 classified products by the Rapp Marine Group for the lubrication needs of their hydraulic fishing boat and fish farming equipment.


 For more than 100 years, the Rapp Marine Group has developed advanced machinery and equipment for the marine and off-shore oil industries world wide. When their mission of creating products and solutions at the technological forefront of an international market had them searching for a NSF H1 classified product, Bel-Ray was one of several brands tested.



 Rapp Marine Group now recommends the following Bel-Ray products for this application.

NSF H1-APPROVED OILS (food grade)

Bel-Ray No Tox Worm Gear Lube 680


Bel-Ray No Tox HD Hyd.oil 32


Bel-Ray No Tox Gear Oil 90


 NSF H1-APPROVED GREASE (food grade)

Bel-Ray No Tox EP Grease EX TC 1




The NSF H1 designation is approved by the NSF( National Sanitation Foundation) for incidental contact with food.