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Independent Bel-Ray Brother Team Look to Win at the Dakar Rally

August, 2008

January 2, 2008—Bel-Ray once again sponsors the amazing Vinters brothers in the 2008 Dakar Rally. Janis Vinters and Einars Vinters rode last year to a first and second victory in the Dakar Rally independent production class and an incredible sixth and fourteenth overall in the final standings—which included the well supported super production factory teams.

While factory sponsored riders have teams of helicopters and air conditioned sleeping quarters with mechanics and truck loads of parts to support them, brothers Janis and Einars Vinters will ride with the smallest of crews, their own talent and determination and Bel-Ray Total Performance Lubricants. Striving to place in the top 5 overall position this year, Bel-Rayder Janis Vinters said, “Although we had limited support last year, we were still very successful. We have been training very hard this year and are aiming for a top finish.”

A key component to the success and victory of the brother team is in the high performance products that they use. “I am very happy to use Bel-Ray Oil and other products - they provide excellent performance for me in the Dakar Race,” says Janis. With the sandy, dirty conditions in the Dakar, it is essential to have good protection and lubrication for your bike.

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube will provide the team with a high-tech, fling-free way to keep their wheels rolling through the extreme dirt conditions. Team Mechanic Janis Gaigals says that last year “when I went to fix the bike there was no sand on the chain. This was very incredible to see in that type of race condition.” This phenomenal lube goes on white and dries to a slippery film that repels water and prevents rust and corrosion.Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube absolutely does not fling off, and its low-friction performance helps transfer more power to the drive wheel.

The brothers will also be using Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil Spray which provides the highest levels of engine protection. With the exceptionally dusty conditions, it is easy for airborne particles to cause engine damage and clog the filter. But Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil is able to trap micron-sized particles and create a highly tacky barrier for superior filtration without restricting air flow. “This is one of our favorite products. It protects the engines so well,” says Janis. It is an easy-to-use product that allows users to effortlessly apply the product to the filter for complete filter coverage.

The Dakar Rally is considered one of the most difficult and demanding races in the world. Out of the hundreds who begin the race, most are happy to cross the finish line. Riders face harsh weather and terrain conditions, grueling physical endurance and extraordinary logistic and mechanical challenges on the Dakar Rally path. Bel-Ray is proud to have assisted the Vinter brothers to achieve their remarkable success and wishes them another great race this year.


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