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Bel-Ray Specialty Lubricants: Tech Notes, Vol 4, Issue 1

January, 2013


How to Make a Powersports Vehicle Feel, and Sound, Like New Again? Bel-Ray Has the Answer

Remember the days when a new powersports vehicle operated so smoothly, and quietly, without all those creaks, squeaks and slow moving parts that creeped into its operation over time? Bel-Ray lubricants can restore that deep purr and effortless operation, making it feel like new again.

Creaks, Squeaks and Cherished Bikes

That once buttery smooth vehicle lets out all types of sounds when the rider climbs aboard. How did this notorious noise happen? Typically, the machine’s lubricants break down from exposure to outdoor elements and the simple wash-down that owners so fervently provide their beloved machines.

When a rider’s weight compresses a machine’s suspension, the squeaks are likely caused by a shock bushing, steering ball joint, suspension stabilizer joint or a connector, where the grease has either washed away or simply broken down over time. Once the noise source can be pinpointed, the Bel-Ray lubrication solution can quiet things down.

Exposed Lubrication Point ― Bel-Ray 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant, which is available in both fluid and aerosol form, can work wonders in many areas of a powersport vehicle. If the noise-generating culprit is an exposed lubrication point (i.e., a steering ball joint), a quick shot of Bel-Ray 6 in 1 will likely fix the problem. After application, work the component part through its full range of motion to allow for deep penetration of the lubricant. Reapply and repeat the full range of motion process. Bel-Ray 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant will increase component life, make parts function more smoothly and best of all, eliminate that squeaky, wooden-rocking-chair-sound when a bike is mounted.

Enclosed Lubrication Point – If the lubrication point is not exposed, (i.e., a shock bushing), Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease is the answer. To gain access to the bushing, first remove and clean the shock bolt with Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner to eliminate any old grease and build-up. Then apply a coating of Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease to the bushing, reassemble it and wipe away any excess grease. Besides eliminating the creaking noise, the vehicle’s suspension will operate more smoothly and have increased component life.

Pull, Twist and Turn − Not So Easy

Remember sitting on a new bike in the showroom, pulling on the clutch lever and twisting the throttle? It used to be so smooth and easy. It can be again, using Bel-Ray lubricants in just the right places.

If dealing with a lever that is controlling a cable, there are a few lubrication areas to address: the pivot point at the lever, the pivot point of the component it is controlling, and the internals of the cable itself. Here’s how Bel-Ray can restore easymovement and smooth machine operation.

Brake And Clutch Levers – Brake and clutch levers are normally comprised of either a bolted collar or an internal bushing or bearing. Once it has been determined that there is no significant

Cable Lubing – If the cable is the cause of the difficult operation, there are special lubing devices (sold at most motorcycle dealers) that allow for effective and thorough lubrication of the inner workings of the cable. Using Bel-Ray 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant, dirt will be flushed out, while anti-wear lubrication and corrosion inhibitors will help to increase cable life and provide smoother vehicle operation. wear requiring replacement of the collar or bushing, these parts can be cleaned with Bel-Ray Brake & Parts Cleaner. Then Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease can be applied to lubricate these components, helping them to resist water and to seal out contaminants. In the case of a small serviceable bearing, this part can be disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled after applying Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease.

Using these three Bel-Ray cleaning and lubrication products will help restore the sleek, quiet ride that powersports enthusiasts recall from their vehicle’s maiden voyage.


Excavating in Stratified Rock and Seawater Presented a Challenge; Bel-Ray Grease Provided the Solution

Drilling, blasting and then excavating the erosion-preventing, limestone shot-rock along the shoreline of the Grand Cayman Islands was the task at hand for Jackson Heavy Equipment Services Ltd. But this task came with its challenges.

The first difficulty was presented by the non-uniformity of the land’s geology. The rock was stratified into hard coral limestone for the first 10 to 20 feet of depth; beneath that was a dense, crystalline rock, very heavy in weight and as hard as metal.

Next was the fact that working near the coastline meant a very low water table, if any. The excavation operation required digging to a depth of 34 feet in total seawater. The water’s high saline content could be extremely corrosive to the bushings and bucket pins in the machinery, severely reducing the service life of the components.

Plus, the hydraulic excavator required use of an extension arm to provide additional reach and digging depth. The arm’s additional 6,500 lbs. of weight placed increased stress on the equipment’s greased joints.

Bel-Ray Molylube Grease to the Rescue

Bel-Ray Molylube Extreme Pressure High Viscosity Grease provided the lubrication solution for Jackson Services. This aluminum complex lubricant is especially designed for the severe duty applications encountered in mining and quarrying industries. With its high viscosity oil base of 1025 cSt @ 40°C to ensure maximum lubricating film thickness, the unique formulation of this Bel-Ray grease made it stay where it was needed — in the bushings and bucket pins — even when submerged in over 30 feet of seawater. Plus, the innate benefits of its aluminum complex thickeners provided the excavating equipment with exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, as well as resistance to water washout and corrosion.

“Given the environment we were working in and the weight of the rock we were digging, as well as our tool package, we were experiencing many lubrication problems,” said Samuel Jackson, the firm’s owner. “After trying many other greases, the Bel-Ray Molylube Extreme Pressure High Viscosity Grease has proven to be the best by far.”

Bel-Ray Molylube Extreme Pressure High Viscosity Grease utilizes a proprietary chemical composition that protects machine components against friction and wear under heavy load conditions. Lubrication solids, rust and corrosion inhibitors, plus tackifers for increased stickiness, further enhance this product’s performance capabilities. On the ASTM 2596 petroleum standards 4-Ball EP test for extreme pressure properties of lubricants, Bel-Ray Molylube Extreme Pressure High Viscosity Grease boasts an 800 kg. rating, which is the highest mark attainable.

The Bel-Ray lubrication solution helped Jackson Heavy Equipment Services to reduce its operating time and costs, increase its machinery life, and deliver the results needed to complete this assignment.

Contact your Bel-Ray field lubrication expert to find out how Bel-Ray can remedy your company’s mining production challenges.

Molylube is a registered trademark of Bel-Ray Company Inc.
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Reformulated Refrigeration Compressor Oil Extends Fluid Life, Reduces Maintenance Costs & Downtime

Bel-Ray Refrigeration Compressor Oil 68 has been reformulated using highly refined API Group III base oils, resulting in extended fluid life, reduced machine downtime and lower maintenance costs. This oil, which is chemically inert to refrigerants and the refrigerant system components, is used in industrial compressors for air conditioning units, ice plants and cold box process work. The new, improved Bel-Ray formula will lengthen the oil change intervals for compressor maintenance, lowering component maintenance expenditures.

The Benefit of Group III Base Oil

A hydrotreated petroleum product, Group III base oil is processed at both extremely high temperature and pressure to remove contaminants. By utilizing these specially treated Group III base oils, in combination with high performance antioxidants, the new Bel-Ray Refrigeration Compressor Oil 68 formula achieves excellent natural oxidation resistance with a very low carbon residue. In ASTM D2272 (Oxidation Stability by RPVOT or RBOT), Bel-Ray Refrigeration Compressor Oil 

The result: a virtually contaminant-free lubricant that more effectively resists decay and breakdown, plus provides outstanding fluidity characteristics at low temperatures.68 reached 603 minutes.

In addition, the purity of Bel-Ray Refrigeration Compressor Oil 68 provides significant resistance to the formation of harmful deposits at high operating temperatures. This product offers lower volatility, 

reduced ammonia solubility and less seal damage, allowing for greater carry-over and the corresponding 

reduction in oil consumption. The higher viscosity of this oil at optimum operating temperatures reduces equipment wear while increasing operating efficiency.

Operating Requirements

Bel-Ray Refrigeration Compressor Oil 68 can be used when ammonia, carbon dioxide, CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) or HCFC (hydro chlorofluorocarbon) is the refrigerant. The product meets numerous OEM lubricant requirements, such as Frick #3, #9 Oil and GEA FES #1 Oil.This oil is not recommended for use with HFC (hydro fluorocarbon) refrigerants such as R-134a.

Distinctions between the different types of refrigerants are not always noted in technical literature. CFC, HCFC and HFC are sometimes referred to as CFC or Freon, in reference to all three molecular types. It is critical to determine the refrigerant being used before applying a refrigeration compressor oil.

Due to the high purity of Group III base oil, the new Bel-Ray Refrigeration Compressor Oil 68 (62980) is pale yellow in color. It is available from all authorized Bel-Ray distributors.

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