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Bel-Ray Specialty Lubricants: Tech Notes, Vol 3, Issue 8

July, 2012

6 IN 1 Multipurpose Lubricant Replaces… a lot of competitive products!

6 in1 Multipurpose Lubricant has an almost unlimited number of uses.  Around the house it can be used on garage door bearings, door hinges, rusted together channel locks, under truck spare tire bolts, electric pool motor shafts, as an adhesive remover and most impressive, 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant is possibly the best pistol and long gun cleaner available.

For industry, the same types of applications apply. Plus, it is highly recommended for protection of electrical contacts and connections in damp environments, provides Extreme Pressure and anti-wear protection for chains, slides and ways, has moisture displacement and barrier (rust preventative) performance because it is impervious to moisture and does not affect plastic or painted surfaces.  6 in1 degreases and lubricates equipment, does not attract dirt and is easy to use.  With availability in aerosol or bulk, the uses continue to grow.

When a large breading and spice company decided to reduce the number of different greases, lubricants and aerosols theyused, 6 in 1 replaced five other aerosols. They had great success using 6 in 1 to free locked-up rusted bolts and asacleaner/lubricant for their secondary chains.

A major cheese and dairy products company was able to replace a white lithium grease aerosol with 6 in 1 for their application and has found 6 in 1 replaced all but one (Food Grade Silicone Spray) of the rest of the aerosols they previously used.

An international cement manufacturer needed a parts cleaner and indoor rust preventative for their inventory of assorted large parts. So far this cement manufacturer has been able to get 1 year plus of protection and found many other uses for 6 in 1 in and around their facility including large chains on their horizontal mills. These horizontal mill drive chains had a tremendous wobble and squeaked loudly. After spraying 6 in 1 on the chain for one revolution, both the wobble and squeaking were gone. 6 in 1 provided significant additional life to their chains.

Through extensive ASTM-American Standard Test Methods (standard for the grease and lubricants industry), in the most important categories of penetration and load using the Falex EP Test D-3233 Method B, 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant outperforms at least eight competitive products, but the actual number is unknown. This one product has been proven to reduce the number of similar and specific application type products usually from five or more down to one. Offering less inventory and a smaller number of products to control, 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant is a staple for all industry. And of course it is available in a biodegradable version too, 6 in 1 Biodegradable Multipurpose Lubricant.

Bel-Ray Grease Dramatically Improves Pin Life in Hydraulic Excavators

Tallering Peak Mine is located approximately 600 km (400 miles) North of Perth in Western Australia.

The Mine commenced in 2004, and produces 3 million tons per annum of high quality Iron Ore.

The ore is mined by traditional drill and blast, then loaded by Hitachi and Komatsu hydraulic excavators onto dump trucks for transport to the crusher & processing plant.

This particular ore body is exceptionally hard ore, and the excavators are subject to severe shock loading while “scraping” through the blasted ore. This excessive shock places extreme loads on the pins and bushes in the digger arms, causing premature failure of pins.

Recently, while using a competitor’s lubricant, pins in both Hitachi EX 2500, and Komatsu PC 1250 excavators were failing at around 800 hours, with resultant downtime for replacements, not to mention the costs of parts.

During a visit to the site in 2010, where Bel-Ray lubricants were not being used, we were invited to investigate the problem and offer recommendations.

Initial investigation showed the product in use in the equipment was an NLGI 2 grease, with a 4- ball weld rating of 340 kg. The suggested Bel-Ray product, Molylube LC131 Grease 2-460 has a 4- ball weld test rating of 620 kg , making it ideal for heavily loaded applications.

After several weeks of investigations, discussions with Don Howard and Bill Gay, and proof of performance testimonials from Anglo Cap Coal in Queensland, a proposal was put to site Management to trial Bel-Ray Molylube LC131 Grease 2-460. This lithium complex grease is NLGI 2, with an ISO 460 base oil. The high base oil viscosity is an integral part of the grease’s success in the lubrication of heavily loaded pins and bushes.

After initially agreeing to trial the Bel-Ray grease in one machine, Maintenance Manager Brian Hall made the decision that Bel-Ray had shown enough evidence to go straight to full product supply, rather than spend valuable time on trials.

One year after changing the grease on site to the LC131, Mt Gibson Iron have not suffered another pin failure on their excavators. As Brian Hall recently commented, “The decision to change products was a big gamble, which paid off in spades.”

The company is continuing to explore for more ore bodies in and around Tallering Peak to continue production for years to come. With results like we have had with bucket pins, Bel-Ray will be supplying their grease well into the foreseeable future.

Why Bel-Ray Supports Powersports Racing

Since the early days of motorcycle racing Bel-Ray has provided support and sponsorship to racers in their quest for victory. Racers like Roger DeCoster and Brad Lackey raced to World Championships using Bel-Ray products and proudly displaying the Bel-Ray logo. For Bel-Ray, however, racing is more than a sticker on a fender; it is more than an advertising or marketing opportunity. For Bel-Ray, supporting powersports racing is a chance to make a better product.

Professional racing puts finely tuned machines to the most extreme tests of performance. Under these tests only the best products survive. Working with the top racers in the sport, Bel-Ray is able to take existing products and improve their performance. Additionally, these teams and riders help Bel-Ray develop and perfect new products for consumer use.

Bel-Ray’s Blue Tac Chain Lube is an excellent example of a product developed through racing. Several years ago Bel-Ray was approached by a prominent World Superbike team to develop a chain lube that would not fling off under the demands and speeds of world championship racing. Bel-Ray R&D technicians and race team members worked together through several formulas to develop the chain lube that you see on dealers’ shelves today. By using professional racing as a test bed, results can be obtained more quickly and in a more controlled environment than a typical focus group of retail consumers.

In 2012 Bel-Ray has been working very closely with the Rockstar Energy Racing Suzuki team to develop new products that will eventually find their way to dealerships around the world. Bel-Ray representatives are on site at racing events discussing with the riders and mechanics the pros and cons of various formulas and types of product. Samples of new products in use are typically obtained, following a day of racing, for analysis back in their lab. This lab work, coupled with real world test data, results in development of the highest performing products.

So when you see a Bel-Ray racer on TV or at an event you will know they are making the product you use better.

Althea Ducati racer, Carlos Checa, is currently using the Blue Tac chain lube on his World Superbike spec Ducati. Working closely with the team’s riders and mechanics helps make the final product perform.