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Bel-Ray Specialty Lubricants: Tech Notes, Vol 3, Issue 12

December, 2012


Bel-Ray Aluminum Complex Grease is the Workhorse Lubricant

Searching for a grease that will continue to work, long after conventional greases quit? The search is over ― Bel-Ray has the answer with its line of aluminum complex greases.

Why Grease, Not Oil?

Greases are used to lubricate moving parts where oil will not effectively work. Both products share similarities that make them very useful in reducing friction in machineries, tools and equipment. Both contain the following:

  A base oil of the appropriate viscosity
  Additives to protect against rust, oxidation and heavy loads
  Solids to provide added defense against shock loads or to minimize wipe-off.

However, grease is a semi-solid compound that is able to withstand high temperatures, hold its shape and lubricate without corrosive reaction, often making it a superior lubricant for industrial applications.

At Bel-Ray, we have been manufacturing greases for over 60 years. During this time, we have become known as product innovators at the forefront of new technologies. Extensive research, field experience and hands-on usage have driven our development of a wide range of greases tailored for specific purposes. When it comes to industrial greases, one size does not fit all.

Competitors may try to make one grease product to solve all lubrication problems. At Bel-Ray we meet user-specific needs by developing greases to suit each industry, with better results and improved performance.

Aluminum Complex Is the Answer

What makes a premium, long-lasting, hard-working grease? One common factor is that most contain an aluminum complex thickener that is superior to lithium and other systems. This achieves the following desired qualities:

  Outstanding Water Repellency – All are under <5% for a NGLI #2 grease Water Washout when using ASTM D-1264 test
  Excellent Shear Stability – Under 5% penetration change after 10,000 strokes; using ASTM D-217 test
  Unusually High Temperature Resistance – All of the aluminum complex greases have drop points above 250°C (482°F) and can generally be used for long periods at up to 177°C (350°F)
  Resistance to Oxidation – Over extended periods whether in storage or in service
  Ease of Pumping – At both low and elevated temperatures, even over long distances, therefore well-suited for use in central lubrication systems
  Food Safe – Can be used to formulate H1-rated food grade lubricants.

These characteristics build greases that withstand the effects of load, heat, water and dust far longer, and better, than other brands. Bel-Ray offers a range of popular aluminum complex greases suitable for a breadth of applications.

Non-Extreme Pressure Greases

Waterproof Grease (99540) (blue-green) is a grease formulated for vibratory or reversing motion. It combines the resiliency properties of the long barium fiber with the mechanical stability of the short aluminum complex fiber. The result is a highly stable lattice of thickener that can release lubricant, yet spring back into position, ready for thousands more oscillating operations.

Common Usages: vibrating screens, elevator drive motors and governors where reversing motion occurs, car-wash lubrication applications.

Termalene Electric Motor Bearing Grease (72200) (caramel) is formulated solely for high-speed operation. The thickener is a sodium-aluminum complex that when combined with a lighter base oil ensures minimal friction and long-term mechanical and weathering stability. It offers the additional benefit of water repellency that is not available from conventional sodium soap greases. Significant reductions in power consumption have been demonstrated with usage of this grease.

Common Usages: electric motors (particularly larger ones) with bearings operating at high linear speeds.

Solid-Free Extreme Pressure Grease

Termalene EP Multipurpose Extreme Pressure Grease (red) is the extreme pressure version of the Bel-Ray waterproof grease described above. All of the basic qualities of aluminum complex grease are retained, with extreme pressure additives included to the base oil, allowing it to handle heavier loads and offer more versatility. Available in 0 (72400), 1 (72420) and 2 (72440) NLGI grades respectfully.

Common Usages: general purpose lubrication, often replaces specialty greases.

Extreme Pressure Grease With Solids

Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC (black) is identical to Termalene Extreme Pressure Grease (red), with the addition of Molybdenum Disulphide, offering increased versatility. Available in 0 (23200), 1 (23220) and 2 (23240) NLGI grades respectively.

Common Usages: an all-purpose grease, particularly where unusually heavy loads occur.

Molylube Extreme Pressure High Viscosity Grease (black) is similar to Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC except that the base oil viscosity is much higher. The thicker, tackier lubrication film gives it all of the properties of an aluminum complex grease as well as a 65 lbs. Timken OK load. Available in ISO 460, 680 and 1000 cSt base oil NLGI 0, 1 and 2.

Common Usages: front-end loader, hinge, and bucket pins where high loads tend to squeeze the lubricating film away from the load-bearing surface.

As a leader in lubrication technology, Bel-Ray has engineered greases that protect machinery while delivering superior business value to our customers. Read more about our complete line of greases at


Bel-Ray’s Lubricant Advisor: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Toolbox

  Which lubricant is best for a 2010 Kawasaki jet ski?
  How often should oil be changed in a 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle?
  What is the lube cap for a 1996 Yamaha ATV?

These answers and much more are available to Bel-Ray customers at the online Lubricant Advisor on our company website (

This invaluable sales tool puts an entire database of lubrication knowledge at your fingertips. It takes the guesswork out of detailed customer questions regarding proper oil usage for powersports equipment, including snow, marine, dirt and street.

The Lubricant Advisor makes it fast and easy for your staff to accurately answer any lubrication question. That means satisfied customers, increased sales, and a reputation for being the go-to supplier for powersports lubricants and information.

The Lubricant Advisor provides a comprehensive compilation of valuable information for a breadth of makes and models of powersports vehicles:

  motorcycles   quads/ATVs
  mopeds   marine

The guesswork is removed when answering specific customer requests for lubrication solutions for powersports equipment. With a few clicks, your sales team can provide expert responses to inquiries regarding:

  oil type recommendation to fit particular applications
  capacity data for all parts
  recommended change intervals

This eliminates time-consuming research and ensures that your customers utilize the correct product and quantity of product for each application. Plus, the data can be customized to adjust the product volumes and change intervals, and to view capacities in liters and kilometers, or quarts and miles.

Final product recommendations can be printed out for customers to take with them for reference. When in-depth product specifics are required, the Lubricator Advisor links directly to a full product description.

So check out the online Lubricant Advisor today ... and become the trusted authority for powersports lubrication solutions, with a little help from Bel-Ray.

Here’s how it works:

Log onto and click on the Lubricant Advisor tab:

Select the Powersports tab:

Complete the four fields: Category, Make, Model and Type:

Click “Flex Your Engine” and view results:

Watch the video demonstration at:


Bel-Ray Greases the Way for Smooth Plant Operations

When a coal-fired power plant came to us with their predicament of costly repairs and shortened lifespan for machinery, Bel-Ray responded with the solution. After conducting a full-scale lubrication inspection, our team recommended the compatible greases ideal for both high temperature and extreme pressure applications.

Problem: Multiple Greases = Costly Repairs

Our power plant customer was using several different, non-compatible greases for a variety of applications. This was leading to expensive machinery breakdowns and reduced equipment lifespan.

That’s when the Bel-Ray sales team got to work.

After disassembling a problem bearing, we discovered an unsightly dilemma that was causing non-productive machine function − a “lubricant rainbow”. There were numerous greases being mixed in this single bearing, with different thickeners (i.e., polyurea, lithium, calcium and barium) that do not work together effectively. This resulted in softening, hardening and oil separation, which are most definitely not conducive to efficiently operating machinery.

Basically, the grease was not grease anymore.

Our lubrication experts examined the full range of equipment in the plant and found additional occurrences where multiple greases had been inappropriately used in the same application. Despite the efforts of the maintenance staff to remedy the situation, there continued to be loss of operational efficiency throughout the plant.

Solution: Multi-use, Compatible Greases

Bel-Ray found the answer: Synthetic PAO, a synthetic base grease that suited numerous applications across a broad range of high temperatures and extreme pressures. This one lubricant could replace the polyurea, lithium EP, calcium and barium greases being used throughout the plant. The Synthetic PAO successfully worked for functions ranging from electric motors to high speed bearings in fans, motors and gear cases. It effectively performed in applications reaching temperatures up to 350°F and in uses generating extreme pressure during operation.

A particular advantage of the Bel-Ray Synthetic PAO grease is its aluminum complex that creates a sticky consistency, which is ideal for applications requiring surface lubrication. Also, Synthetic PAO is technically an Extreme Pressure (EP) grease, carrying a 4 ball EP test and ASTM

D2596 weld load of 315kg.

There’s More...

The Bel-Ray Synthetic PAO was able to replace 75 percent of the company’s numerous greases with one workable solution. However, that was not enough.

The remaining 25 percent of the greases being used in the plant were for extreme pressure applications. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) called for a 400kg rating on the ASTM D2596 weld load; our Synthetic PAO had a 315kg weld load. Plus, there was the compatibility issue that had originally plagued the plant’s operations.

The Bel-Ray team recommended our Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC NLGI #2. It carries a weld load of 620kg, far exceeding the OEM specification. Plus, another major advantage was that this Molylube Extreme Pressure grease was fully compatible with the Synthetic PAO grease being used in the bulk of the facility’s machinery.

Results: Smooth Operation, No Repairs

Since switching to these two compatible Bel-Ray greases, the plant has reported zero grease compatibility issues. Maintenance personnel are excited about these improvements and pleased with the outcome. They anticipate many years of increased machine productivity with Bel-Ray solutions greasing the way for efficient, non-problematic operation.