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Bel-Ray Specialty Lubricants: Tech Notes, Vol 2, Issue 9

September, 2011


Bel-Ray Assembly Lube

A long-standing performance application product is Bel-Ray Assembly Lube. Made with molybdenum disulfide (comes from a natural mineral, known as “molybdenite”). Moly is often referred to as the “super lube”. Bel-Ray Assembly Lube has a very low coefficient of friction, even in the higher heat ranges up to 750°F, prevents metal-to-metal contact, and will prevent galling or seizing.

Bel-Ray Assembly Lube gives a significant advantage to users when assembling new engines or rebuilding old engines. With the easy-to-use brush top applicator, Bel-Ray Assembly Lube can be used on any and all internal moving metal parts. In some cases, when applying to crankshaft and crankshaft bearings, cam shaft and cam lobes of the engine, you can use your finger to apply; it has an extraordinary ability to stick to metal surfaces especially if rubbed in. Using a thin layer of Bel-Ray MC-1 Racing Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil works ideally for lubing the engine’s pistons, rings and cylinder walls, when assembling or rebuilding.

When assembling a shaft drive assembly Bel-Ray Assembly Lube is the right choice whether you are rebuilding, repairing or just maintaining. Bel-Ray Assembly Lube is excellent for coating spline shafts, spiral gears and ring gears on motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs.

Bel-Ray Assembly Lube is a great product to have in a maintenance/repair shop, at home in the garage, in the race trailer heading to the track, or simply in every one’s tool box.

Bel-Ray doesn’t just lubricate your bike’s moving parts, it brings your engine to life!


New Caterpillar Mandatory Service Advisory

In June of this year Caterpillar (Bucyrus-Milwaukee) issued mandatory Service Advisory 11-005.

The subject of the service advisory is their Open Gear Lubricant (OGL) Specification SD4713 and improvements to it. Improvements to the open gear lubricants concern base oil viscosity.

The advisory also describes an open gear lubrication program for various mining shovels where a low base oil viscosity seasonal open gear lubricant is used to lubricate external components (rotating components, dipper stick, crowd system) and a dedicated high base oil viscosity open gear lubricant is used to lubricate applications inside the machinery room that are not exposed to low ambient temperatures.

The standard SD4713 base oil viscosities remain in effect for seasonal open gear lubricants and are specified in the table below.

Caterpillar has determined that seasonal lubricant performance may be affected when it is applied to components that are not exposed to low ambient temperatures. The primary example is hoist gear and pinions. These are located in the machinery room where temperatures can be much higher than the outdoor ambient temperature. The result is that the already low viscosity of the seasonal lubricant is further reduced in the warmer machinery room with a resulting reduction in gear tooth protection.

The solution to this problem is to increase the base oil viscosity of the open gear lubricant to be used to lubricate components in the machinery room. Based on the ANSI/AGMA 6014-A06 Standard for Gear Power Rating for Cylindrical Shell and Trunnion Supported Equipment, Caterpillar has developed updated base oil viscosity recommendations. (See Table 1).

Ambient Temperature, oC Ambient Temperature, oF Minimum Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40oC
-50 to +10 -58 to +50 680
-20 to +40 -4 to +104 1860
+10 to +50 +50 to +122 3600
Ambient Temperature, oC Ambient Temperature, oF Minimum Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40oC
+10 to +35 +50 to +95 3600
+25 to +50 +77 to +122 5000

Regarding lubricant selection, if the high base oil viscosity hoist gear and pinion product meets the low temperature pumpability and flow requirements for a regional year round ambient temperature range, it can be used as a single open gear lubricant applied to all applications through one centralized system year round. In areas where ambient temperatures are below this point, Caterpillar recommends that the house temperature be heated to +10oC (+50oF) and that a dedicated hoist gear and pinion system be installed for application of the higher base oil viscosity hoist gear and pinion product. The dedicated system should also be equipped with the appropriate heating devices to warm the lubricant and supply lines after an extended low temperature machine shutdown.

Bel-Ray Molylube SF 100 Heavy already meets the Caterpillar base oil requirement of 3600 cSt @40oC recommended for a temperature range of +10oC to +35oC (+50oF to +95oF). This means that it can be used as dedicated machinery room open gear lubricant at any external ambient temperature as long as the house temperature is maintained at +10oC to +35o

(+50oF to +95oF) or as a seasonal open gear lubricant in a regional ambient temperature of +10oC to +35oC (+50oF to +95oF). For lubricating a shovel when the external ambient temperature is below +10oC (+50oF) we suggest using the appropriate Bel-Ray seasonal lubricant, Molylube SF 100 Sub-Arctic, Arctic or Light .



REACH Compliance

Bel-Ray Company has been working on REACH compliance for many years. As you are aware, only substances in quantities equal to or greater than one metric ton imported into the EU are to be registered under the REACH program. Additionally, only the manufacturer of the substance can register the substance. Except for two grease thickeners, all other materials used in the formulations of Bel-Ray products are purchased from other manufacturers.

Bel-Ray has taken a conservative approach to identifying substances that meet the one metric ton threshold that are imported into the EU. Bel-Ray’s approach is to identify “additive packages”, solvents and base oils that are used in mixtures that meet the tonnage threshold.

Bel-Ray has requested Declaration of REACH Compliance, DRC letters from each of the additive, solvent or base oil manufacturers stating they have registered the substance under the REACH program. All of the DRC letters for the qualifying materials are on file at Bel-Ray. Bel-Ray suppliers either pre-registered with a unique pre-registration number (05-xxxx-xxxx-0000) or late pre-registration number (17-xxxx-xxxx) or registered with a registration number (01-xxxx-xxxx) for each substance that they supply to Bel-Ray.

Bel-Ray mainly manufactures aluminum complex greases. The aluminum complex thickener is in situ produced in Bel-Ray grease kettles. Bel-Ray is responsible for the registration of our aluminum complex thickeners with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The preregistration number for our aluminum complex thickener is 05-2114309328-xx-0000. Bel-Ray is a member of the European Grease Consortium that was formed to jointly submit the REACH registration packages for the grease thickeners Bel-Ray manufactures. The Bel-Ray completion date for final grease thickener registration, based on the tonnage exported into the EU, is 2018. Bel-Ray has established the Bel-Ray Europe Only Representative in Belgium to manage all the importers of Bel-Ray products. Bel-Ray is in the process of documenting the total tonnage of aluminum complex imported into the EU by all importers. Once the total is determined, the percentage for each importer will be calculated and kept on file. In 2018 after final registration of the Bel-Ray grease thickeners, Bel-Ray will be sending a letter to each importer and large purchaser of Bel-Ray products stating that the grease thickeners have been registered and all DRCs for all materials that meet the one metric ton threshold are on file with the Bel-Ray Europe Only Representative. Each importer will receive a letter from Bel-Ray stating they are relieved of any responsibility for REACH registration as they are considered a downstream user of the Bel-Ray Europe Only Representative.