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Bel-Ray revolutionizes open gear lubricants with new Molylube Ultra

October, 2014

Total performance lubricant manufacturer, Bel-Ray, today announced the release of its new Molylube Ultra, its highest performing open gear lubricant. Molylube Ultra performs the work of three different products with its ability to be used for priming, running in and service lubrication of draglines, shovels and a number of other mining and heavy industrial applications.

Engineered to protect equipment in the most extreme environments, Molylube Ultra features Bel-Ray’s highest level of extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. The open gear lubricant is specially formulated with a high viscosity, semi-synthetic, paraffinic base oil, polymers, molybdenum disulfide and graphite lubricating solids to help maximize component life and minimize equipment downtime and repair. Operating costs are also further reduced as mining operations only need to maintain inventory of one open gear lubricant, rather than three separate products.

Molylube Ultra is designed for use in mining operations in a wide range of climates and locations around the world. Available in four grades – Arctic, Light, Medium and Heavy – the open gear lubricants offer the highest level of protection in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 degreesCelsius (-58 to +122 degreesFahrenheit).

Bel-Ray Molylube Ultra Open Gear Lubricants are currently available in South America and will be available worldwide beginning in January 2015. For more information on Molylube Ultra or Bel-Ray’s complete line of products for the mining industry, please visit or call 732-938-2421.