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Bel-Ray Receives OEM Approvals from Liebherr

May, 2010

May 1, 2010 – Farmingdale, NJ: Bel-Ray is very pleased to announce the approval and recommendation of Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 320, Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680, Bel-Ray Molylube 126 EP Grease # 1 and Bel-Ray Molylube SP-4 Lubricant # 0 by Liebherr Mining Equipment Company for the lubrication of selected haul truck applications — Liebherr Haul Truck models: T252, T262, T282, T282B & T282C.




               Bel-Ray Product                           Haul Truck Application
  Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil ISO VG 680    Gear Drive per Liebherr TI-2249BT
  Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil ISO VG 320    Front Wheels per Liebherr TI-2249BT
  Bel-Ray Molylube 126 EP Grease # 1       Autolube System per Liebherr TI-2249BT
  Bel-Ray Molylube SP-4 Lubricant # 0       Autolube System per Liebherr TI-2249BT

Note: Bel-Ray products are listed in Liebherr Haul Truck document TI-2249BT


The primary focus is the mining industry but not excluding other heavy industry. These lubricants protect critical components subjected to heavy load conditions against friction and wear, with a view to extending lubrication cycles and associated cost savings from reduced labor and equipment downtime, thereby providing effective logistics support with the required field performance.

Application Lubricant Requirements
Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil – Totally synthetic hydrocarbon and ester combination gear oil with outstanding Extreme Pressure and anti-wear properties with extremely low coefficients of friction and traction.

Bel-Ray Molylube 126 EP Grease – Severe heavy-duty aluminum complex grease fortified with Molylube solids with excellent Extreme Pressure properties, mechanical & thermal properties and exceptional water washout resistance.

Bel-Ray Molylube SP-4 Lubricant – Heavy duty and shear-stable aluminum complex, Extreme Pressure and anti-wear grease for rugged service where loads are high. Product is fortified with lubricating solids with an 800 kg weld load, to enhance boundary lubrication.

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