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Bel-Ray Receives OEM Approval from Komatsu Ltd.

May, 2008

May 29, 2008–Bel-Ray is very pleased to announce the recent approval and recommendation of Bel-Ray Molylube 87M EP Grease 680-1 and Bel-Ray Molylube 87M EP Grease 1000-1 for the lubrication of pins, bushings, slew bearings on all Komatsu PC Series hydraulic excavators and shovels produced by Komatsu Ltd. for the mining, quarrying, construction, cement and other heavy industry.

Approval Date: April 29, 2008

Equipment: Centralized lubrication systems for all Komatsu PC Series shovels and excavators such as PC3000, PC4000 and PC5500

Industry: The primary focus is the mining industry but not excluding other heavy industry with a view to extending the service life of machine components. The grease also serves as an excellent solo product for a mine which needs one product for their fleet of dozers, loaders, haul trucks, thereby providing effective logistics support with the required field performance.

Bel-Ray Lubricant: Bel-Ray Molylube 87M EP Grease 680-1 and Bel-Ray Molylube 87M EP Grease 1000-1

Application Lubricant Requirements: Bel-Ray Molylube87M EP Grease, all-weather aluminum complex multipurpose grease with exceptional thermal and mechanical stability and water washout property is designed for severe service associated with the heavy industry. The grease protects critical components against friction and wear subjected to heavy load conditions using a proprietary formulation with a view to extending lubrication cycles and associated cost savings from reduced labor and equipment downtime.

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